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Easy to Deploy (1)
Easy to Deploy
Affordable (1)
Device Agnostic (1)
Device Agnostic
Increased Fleet safety (1)
Enhanced Safety


How is traditional telematics -or NO telematics- affecting your performance and bottom-line?

Hardware is expensive, needs upgrading for new features, and is difficult to manage maintanance.
Hardware-based telematics produce too many false positives.
Laborious multi-month cross-country rollout – can be riddled with tampering, lost, and broken devices.
Hardware-based telematics are not viable for use with 3rd party fleets.


Go beyond tracking vehicles; change driver behavior by integrating advanced safety and productivity features

Prioritize and Predict-1
Compatible with any device or use Tourmo's app-based telematics program for easy deployment
Fair and Unbiased
Automated Data Insights
Tourmo's patented AI cleanses and calibrates data between devices and drivers and considers external factors such as weather, road type, and traffic patterns.
Workflow Management
Enhanced Security
Automate Tasks
Maximize operational efficiency by incorporating streamlined communication, task prioritization, and automated accountability for comprehensive workflow management.
AI Insights
Automate Compliance (Standarization) 2
Performance score shadow
Identify risky driving behavior, rank and score drivers, monitor trends and improvement, and identify under the radar drivers.
Easy to deploy app-based telematics

Empower your fleet with driver behavior software

Tourmo's Drive Module, compatible with any IoT device, utilizes contextual data for impartial decision-making. It improves driving behavior, reduces incidents, and offers gamification features alongside telematics functionality.

Artificial Intelligence

We process mobility data from any smartphone, tablet, or telematics device, which produce inconsistent results for every variation, calibration, and position of the device. Tourmo's patented multi-dimensional artificial intelligence data models clean all data inputs which reduce false-positives, calibrate faulty systems, and normalize unforeseen data irregularities.



Machine Learning

Tourmo's patented contextualized machine learning algorithms distinguishing between driving behavior they control and factors in their environment that they cannot. Variables such as location, speed, and weather conditions are contextualized across drivers for a fair and unbiased analysis of driving behavior.

How Tourmo Works


Driver Scorecards

Driver scorecards are created for each driver with their individual behavior scores as well as an overall score. Scorecards let the drivers know how they are doing from week to week and, optionally, as compared to part or all of the company.

Tourmo Gauges


Tourmo Mobile Application

Keep your driver connected to their performance and give them real-time information, feedback, and coaching. Our gamified approach ensures sustainable driving via the Tourmo Driver App. 

  • Utilize your preferred mobile device for affordable telematics
  • Easily deploy to your workforce
  • Fair and unbiased scoring system due to AI contextualization
  • Identify risky driving behavior
  • Monitor trends and improvement

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Feedback and Recognition

We apply a multidimensional scoring approach to help companies evaluate driving ability based on handling and focus so they can quickly correct poor driving, incentivize good driving, and uncover hidden behavior trends.

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Trip Awareness and GPS Tracking

We keep a log of each driver's trips and when and where incidents occur then make that available for driver coaching, or directly in our feedback to drivers. Know when a vehicle has entered or exited your defined areas with tracking and geofencing.



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How can our Drive module help you? 



User artificial intelligence to automate driver behavior change.


Keep your customers and employees happy.



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Tourmo® AutoPilot

A single integrated system for full visibility, smarter decisions, and agile action. Program-level data unified, prioritized, and actionable.

Data Centralization
Data Centralization

Unify data sets from different sources into a single integrated system.


System-driven management, prioritized into actions for managers and workers.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Extend automation to the full cycle of a machine learning model.


Organized and automated tasks and jobs decrease time spent by teams.


Action Board@2x
Action Board

One unified dashboard to control all operational KPIs, tasks, and workflows.

Timely Communication@2x
Timely Communication

Notifications, alerts, status, and system driven accountability.

Business Intelligence@2x
Business Intelligence

Analysis and visualization of data that drives business decisions.

Executive Oversight@2x
Executive Oversight

Equip leaders with insights for comprehensive strategic oversight.


Encourage good driving behavior

Easy to Deploy
Easy to Deploy


Leverage app-based telematics for hassle-free deployment without any vehicle hardware installation. Plus, user training is minimal with the intuitive mobile app interface.

Automate Insights


Bypass the need for costly specialized hardware. With no installation or sustained maintenance, it's a budget-friendly solution.

Direct Communication
Device Agnostic
Device Agnostic


Versatile enough to run on any iPhone or Droid device, this open platform seamlessly integrates with OEM applications.

Automate Audits-2
Enhanced Safety
Enhanced Safety


Capture and evaluate every event against corporate compliance metrics, bolstering your fleet safety initiatives.

Enhance Coaching

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