Measure Fuel & CO2 Compliance


Enhance fleet fuel efficiency, minimize your carbon footprint, and automate compliance. 


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Enhance Efficiency
Enhance Efficiency
Oversee Exceptions
Oversee Exceptions
Automate Audits
Automate Audits
Detect Irregularities
Detect Irregularities

Automated compliance and reduced fuel costs

Link Fuel Sources
Push and pull data to your existing fuel card, telematics, and other data providers and BI tools.

Utilize existing hardware or software
Apply Artificial Intelligence
Remove false positives, fill in missing data, understand regional variances, and fix uncalibrated sensor data.

Provide accurate eco scores and targeted coaching
Smart Aggregated Jobs
Operationalize your highest safety priorities by aggregating tasks to a centralized dashboard.

Increase team capacity and safety adherance

Meet fleet emissions goals and increase profits

Reduce Cost
Cost Reduction
EcoGHG Shadow
AI data-driven fleet insights optimize fuel usage and reduce operational costs.
Reduce Emissions
Emissions Reduction
Reduce Emissions Shadow
Efficiently manage fleet CO2 emissions, lower your carbon footprint, and align with sustainability goals.
Assure Compliance
Compliance Assurance
Driver Score Distribution Shadow
Ensure accurate reporting, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties with emissions regulations.
Enhance Security
Enhanced Security
Low fuel economy shadow
Tourmo's theft and waste detection system provides real-time alerts and comprehensive fleet incident details.
Reduce fleet fuel costs and CO2 emissions

Automate reporting and increase the bottom line

Tourmo's Eco Module optimizes fleet fuel and CO2 management with Auto-AI automation. It ensures compliance, reduces costs, and identifies irregularities for operational integrity.

Driving Behavior

With Toumo's AI contextualization, you can gain nuanced insights into real-world driving behaviors irrespective of the device or environment. Our structured scoring system and constructive driver coaching elevate fleet fuel efficiency, reducing supervisor oversight.

  • Identification of inefficient driving
  • Proactive driver feedback mechanisms
  • Metrics on driver performance: ranking, gamification, and benchmarking

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Theft and Waste Detection

With Tourmo's advanced reconciliation features, you can ensure transparent fuel transactions and proactively identify suspicious driver activities. Receive real-time alerts with comprehensive details covering various types of incidents, from missing receipts, ghost transactions, and refueling theft to driver fraud and external siphonage.

  • Fuel card integration and tracking
  • Detailed fuel transaction reconciliation
  • Industry-leading fuel theft analysis

Fuel Event Locations


Fleet Carbon Footprint

Get access to the most accurate emission data via our compliant Carbon module (GHG standard). This will ensure the compliance of your carbon reporting and actively manage the reduction of your fleet's carbon footprint. 

  • Automatically prepare regulatory reporting about your fleet's carbon footprint (GHG Protocol-Compliant)
  • Measure and track fleet KPIs
  • On-demand and scheduled
Reduce Emissions Shadow


Tourmo Mobile Application

Keep your driver connected to their performance and give them real-time information, feedback, and coaching. Our gamified approach ensures sustainable driving via the Tourmo Driver App. 

  • Utilize your preferred mobile device for affordable fleet telematics
  • Easily deploy to your mobile workforce
  • Fair and unbiased scoring system due to AI contextualization
  • Identify risky driving behavior
  • Monitor trends and improvement

Fuel Tasks 2 Shadow


Task and Workflow Management

Efficiently harness fleet automation, task management, insights, and transparency across your organization to capitalize on data-driven value and seamlessly integrate it into your workflows.

  • Fully integrated business intelligence
  • Workflow automation
  • System-driven escalations
  • Alerts & Reporting

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How can our Eco module help you? 



Monitor fleet fuel, CO2, and driver safety to reduce emissions.



Powered by

Tourmo® AutoPilot

A single integrated system for full fleet visibility, smarter decisions, and agile action. Program-level data is unified, prioritized, and actionable.

Data Centralization
Data Centralization

Unify data sets from different sources into a single integrated system.


System-driven management, prioritized into actions for managers and workers.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Extend automation to the full cycle of a machine learning model.


Organized and automated tasks and jobs decrease time spent by teams.


Action Board@2x
Action Board

One unified dashboard to control all operational KPIs, tasks, and workflows.

Timely Communication@2x
Timely Communication

Notifications, alerts, status, and system driven accountability.

Business Intelligence@2x
Business Intelligence

Analysis and visualization of fleet data that drives business decisions.

Executive Oversight@2x
Executive Oversight

Equip leaders with insights for comprehensive strategic oversight.


Optimize fleet location and driving data using mobile devices

Enhance Effeciency
Enhance Efficiency


Efficiently harness automation, task management, insights, and transparency across your organization to capitalize on data-driven value and seamlessly integrate it into your workflows.

Enhance Efficiency-1
Oversee Exceptions
Oversee Exceptions


Ensure transparent fuel transactions and proactively identify suspicious activities with Tourmo's advanced reconciliation features.

Oversee Exceptions-1
Automate Audits
Automate Audits


Empower your decision-making with the Tourmo platform. Automate, optimize and digitize operations using CO2 data metrics for eco-conscious driving.

Automate Audits-2
Detect Irregularities
Detect Irregularities


Ensure transparent fuel transactions and proactively identify suspicious activities with Tourmo's advanced reconciliation features.

Detect Irregularities-1

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