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Elevate efficiency and outcomes with guided reading for operational excellence

Leverage data, draw insights that matter, and automate your workflows with Tourmo's AI-powered solutions.

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V.P. discovers the benefits of field service automation
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Leverage Your Data

Aggregate, unify, normalize and correlate your data from infinite disparate sources and point solutions – no rip and replace.

AI-Driven Insights

Use AI and Machine Learning to automate contextualized business intelligence - all in real time.

Powerful Automated Workflows

Create effective, efficient, AI-driven workflows - gain dramatic improvements in cost, and employee, customer and partner experience.

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Data Collection

Collect higher quality location & driving data from  Mobile Devices via an easy to install Application.

Contextualized Driving Analysis

Patented context-aware AI considers factors like weather, road type and elevation for fair and unbiased analysis.

Safety Automated

Automated Driver Coaching and Communications, including feedback, self-coaching, positive reinforcement, and gamification.

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AI-driven Workforce Management

AI-driven process management: automate tasks, gain insights, and ensure transparency across your organization. Unearth value from your data and tailor it to your specific business workflows.

Plan vs Actual

Real-time analysis of your plan versus actual, with automatic notification of route deviation, unplanned stops, delays at client or plant site, etc.

Configurable Workflows

Configurable templates, tasks and workflows allows each organization to digitize and automate their unique manual processes, providing automatically escalation and visibility to all internal and external stakeholders.

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Fuel Efficient Driving Behavior Monitoring

Tourmo processes data from any mobile or telematics device for context-aware driving analytics. Coupled with a targeted scoring system and driver coaching, we increase fuel efficiency with minimal, if any, supervisor input. 

Greenhouse Gas Scoring and Reporting

Automate your fleet's carbon footprint monitoring, coaching and regulatory reports, including GHG Protocol-Compliant Reporting.

Fuel Irregularity Analysis

Tourmo matches fuel transactions and pinpoints suspicious activities, offering ghost transactions, fuel level drop, and missing purchase analysis and alerts.

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Tourmo Platform Fuel CO2


Maximize Your Current Cameras

Instead of costly replacements, we enhance your existing camera systems. Save on hardware, installation, and vehicle downtime.

Video Triggers

Integrate any data source to fetch video segments, streamlining them into automated workflows, ensuring managers aren't overwhelmed and fleet video safety analytics are tailored to your unique operations.

Flexible Reporting and Rich Analytics

Access dashboards with fleet video analytics and crucial metrics anytime, or get alerts for significant trends or deviations.

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Case Study

Enable dramatically improved performance of humans and vehicles

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Viewer considering fleet safety best practices

National auto parts retailer improved safety and lowered costs.

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Countrywide food service distributor saved $1.2M by eliminating fuel theft.

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California DMV digitally modernized and transformed their field operations .

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International Public Transport Operator Is Transforming Employee Safety and Operational Efficiencies.

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