Automate Your AI Video Data Operations


Improve fleet safety outcomes and operational performance by enhancing new or existing video data.


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Enhance Safety
Enhance Fleet Safety
Optimize Operations
Optimize Operations
SOP Accountability
SOP Accountability
Driver Performance
Driver Performance

Reduce fleet risk with Tourmo AI video safety

Link Video Sources
Push and pull data to your existing video telematics data providers and BI tools.

Utilize existing hardware or software
Apply Artificial Intelligence
Remove false positives, fill in missing data, understand regional variances, and fix uncalibrated sensor data.

Provide accurate safety scores and targeted coaching
Smart Aggregated Jobs
Operationalize your highest safety priorities by aggregating tasks to a centralized dashboard.

Increase team capacity and safety adherance

Reduce fleet risk with Tourmo AI video safety

Enhance Current Solutions
Enhance Current Solutions
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Tourmo offers full AI turnkey solutions and the ability to enhance your existing cameras so you get the most out of your investment.
Flexible Workflows
Flexible Workflows
Video maintenance
Route tasks triggered by the video to the right people to take action and track that the action is actually taken.
Improve Fleet Visibility
Streamlined Communication
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Add virtually any data source as a trigger to retrieve video segments and feed them into automated workflow processes so they don’t overwhelm your managers.
3rd Party Collaboration
3rd Party Collaboration
Action required
Facilitate seamless collaboration with external parties, such as customers, insurance providers and regulatory agencies.
Automated Fleet Video Safety Operations

Operationalize your fleet video safety program.

Tourmo AI fleet video safety enhances existing solutions with Auto-AI-driven performance. It automates tasks, improving visibility without overwhelming managers. Collaboration with third parties ensures increased safety and compliance.

High-Quality Fleet Video Recording

By leveraging Tourmo Video Safety Operations, fleets can capture clear, detailed video footage of road events and driver actions.

Real-Time Mobile Workforce Monitoring

Leveraging cutting-edge real-time monitoring technology enables fleet managers to track vehicles and drivers, receive instant alerts, and swiftly intervene in unsafe situations.

Detection Algorithms

Tourmo employs advanced AI algorithms to automatically detect fleet infractions such as harsh braking, speeding, and distracted driving, contributing to safer operations. Providing videos and data that are relevant and actionable.

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AI Automation

Tourmo’s AI solution includes automated infraction detection to help fleets maintain compliance with regulations and internal safety policies.

AI-Driven Operations

Incorporate AI-driven analytics to provide accurate and timely mobile workforce insights for effective compliance management.

Data-Driven Insights

By utilizing advanced data analysis tools, fleet managers gain actionable insights for regulatory compliance and accountability.

Compliance Score


Driver Behavior Analysis

Tourmo's mobile workforce platform excels in analyzing driver behavior and providing actionable insights for targeted coaching. Programs offer comprehensive training and resources to help improve driver performance. Recognition of positive behaviors and rewarding positive driver actions result in increased driver satisfaction and retention.

Map Data


Automation Capabilities

Automate the tedious aspects of data processing, reporting, and other actions, thereby effectively eliminating the need for most manual administrative tasks. By harnessing our automation technologies, businesses can enhance mobile workforce accuracy, increase efficiency, and free their personnel to focus on strategic, high-value activities. Moreover, our automation capabilities are highly configurable to suit your unique business requirements, offering flexibility and adaptability. 



Task and Workflow Management Tools

Tourmo proudly offers advanced task and workflow management tools as part of our comprehensive fleet solution suite. These utilities are expertly designed to automate and streamline various processes, significantly diminishing the administrative burden on your team. Our cutting-edge tools enable you to establish, track, and manage tasks with ease, ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency. 

Video maintenance


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Fleet Safety

User artificial intelligence to automate driver behavior change.


Ensure mobile workers follow protocols & company SOPs.


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Tourmo® AutoPilot

A single integrated system for full fleet visibility, smarter decisions, and agile action. Program-level data is unified, prioritized, and actionable.

Data Centralization
Data Centralization

Unify data sets from different sources into a single integrated system.


System-driven management, prioritized into actions for managers and workers.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Extend AI automation to the full cycle of a machine learning model.


Organized and automated tasks and jobs decrease time spent by teams.


Action Board

One unified dashboard to control all operational KPIs, tasks, and workflows.

Timely Communication
Timely Communication

Notifications, alerts, status, and system-driven accountability.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Analysis and visualization of fleet data that drives business decisions.

Executive Oversight
Executive Oversight

Equip leaders with insights for comprehensive strategic fleet oversight.

Let AI help you manage your video safety operations

Enhance Safety
Enhance Safety


•    Accuracy-Boosting Data Reprocessing
•    AI-Powered False Positive Reduction
•    Contextualized Event Evaluation
•    Accurate Camera Health Analysis
•    Partner Service Portal

Enhance Safety 2
Optimize Operations
Optimize Operations


•    Configurable Review and Coaching Workflows
•    Auto-AI / System-driven Escalations
•    On-Demand Video Review
•    Camera-Health Maintenance Workflows
•    Automated Coaching and escalations

Optimize Operations 2
SOP Accountability
SOP Accountability


•    Auxiliary Inputs and Sensors
•    Livestream Video
•    Historical On-Demand Video
•    Service Verification
•    Service Exceptions

SOP Accountability 2
Driver Performance
Driver Performance


•    Fully Integrated Business Intelligence Suite
•    Flexible Dashboards, Reports & Action Boards
•    Measure & Track KPIs
•    Configurable Alerts

Driver Performance 2

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