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Tools and insights to maximize safety for mobile workers.


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System Driven Task Management

Effortless SOPs
Make Informed Decisions
Foster a Safety Culture
Cut Unecessary
Assess Risk Proactively
Seamless Compliance
Take Preventative Actions

Navigating a landscape of rising costs,

dwindling safety participation, and visibility challenges?

Rising insurance premiums and increasing compensation claims.
Increased risk due to lack of visibility of third-party workers behavior.
Identifying, reviewing, resolving, and coaching safety violations are hindered due to manual processes.
Declining employee engagement in Safety initiatives.

Automate your workflow and actions for enhanced fleet safety

AI Video
Streamlined Communication
Video Job shadow
High-definition dash cams, in-cab coaching, and streamlined workflow management, ensure a proactive approach to mobile worker and fleet security.
Risk Mitigation
Unify Systems
Video Safety Operations
Automatically identify and record potential risks, transmitting crucial event footage to the cloud for comprehensive safety enhancement.
Proactive Coaching
Reduce Emissions
Team score trends shadow
Incorporate gamification and foster responsible driving habits among drivers with a reward-based approach that prioritizes safety over punishment.
Automated Action
Automated Data Insights
Jobs Kanban
System-driven alerts, tasks, and workflows powered by Auto-AI revolutionize safety programs for mobile workers and fleets.

Learn key success criteria to navigate industy challenges

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Our customers

VP Ops
Vice President of Operations

Large U.S. Building Supply Company


“After implementing and getting the full benefit of Tourmo's platform, we’ve seen a drastic reduction in rollovers. In fact, we had zero rollovers the last 18 month – a reduction of 100%! This, together with fewer incidents, reduced our annual insurance premium by $500,000. I’ve been in the fleet management business for a long time, and I never thought I would hear my drivers ask their managers “How else can I improve my score?” The in-app gamification and coaching have transformed the business.”

How can our Safety package help you? 


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Analyze data on acceleration, braking, speed, & location.

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AI video, in-cab driver guidance, automated workflow, & analytics.


Powered by

Tourmo® AutoPilot

A single integrated open system for full visibility, smarter decisions, and agile action. Program-level data unified, prioritized, and actionable.

Data Centralization
Data Centralization

Unify data sets from different sources into a single integrated system.


System-driven management, prioritized into actions for managers and workers.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Extend automation to the full cycle of a machine learning model.


Organized and automated tasks and jobs decrease time spent by teams.


Action Board@2x
Action Board

One unified dashboard to control all operational KPIs, tasks, and workflows.

Timely Communication@2x
Timely Communication

Notifications, alerts, status, and system driven accountability.

Business Intelligence@2x
Business Intelligence

Analysis and visualization of data that drives business decisions.

Executive Oversight@2x
Executive Oversight

Equip leaders with insights for comprehensive strategic oversight.

Increase safety with total visibility and

automated system-driven action and communication

Make Informed Decisions
Make Informed Decisions


Tourmo provides precise, unbiased real-time data, task & actions on your mobile workforce and fleet activities. This impartial data enables the Tourmo Auto-Ai platform to automatically assign tasks and take action.

Make Informed Decisions
Foster a Safety Culture
Foster a Safety Culture


Promote active participation and compliance within your workforce. With Tourmo AutoPilot you can ensure that safety measures are followed consistently, reducing risks and incidents across your fleet.

Foster a Safety Culture
Assess Risk Proactively
Assess Risk Proactivelyon


Evaluate and score risk within the context of your specific operations. Tourmo helps you identify potential issues before they become critical, enabling proactive risk mitigation.

Assess Risk Proactively
Take Preventative Actions
Take Preventative Actions


Tourmo provides data-driven insights to proactively identify potential safety risks and take preventative actions, significantly decreasing the likelihood of incidents and ensuring the safety and efficiency of your mobile workforce and fleet operation.

Take Preventative Actions

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