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Gain 360-degree insight into your operations.

Our Artificial Intelligence fleet operations software delivers insights beyond what is traditionally possible. Let the system communicate the right information to the right people in real time – so action can be taken and measured.

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 Tourmo Operations Insights
Leverage AI-powered insights for better predictions

 Tourmo Operations Insights
Unify and correlate data sources

 Tourmo Operations Insights
Surface trend, patterns and dependencies

 Tourmo Operations Insights
Easily add new, varied data sources

 Tourmo Operations Insights
Deliver actionable insights to stakeholders, in the field or office

Why can't you already act on your data?

check-icon  Analyzing and learning from operations is manual and labor intensive.
check-icon  Lack of visibility into mobile operations due to inaccurate data or inconsistent data quality.
Inability to quickly and efficiently locate data associated with a specific event.

You need to be able to capture and use your data to make good decisions quickly using effectively delivered insights.

What can you accomplish with total visibility? 

During the proof of concept, it became clear how advanced Tourmo’s fleet operations software and insights were, revolutionizing the way we tackled operations management. We found in Tourmo a trusted advisor and technology partner who is helping us transform our company. Their ability to quickly make a significant impact on our bottom line was truly impressive

Vice President, North American Operations, A Global – Top 5 – Oil & Gas Company – North America


Operations Insights workflows make efficiency possible.

Learn how Tourmo's fleet operations software can help you make faster and more informed decisions, automate your analytics, reduce manual labor, and automatically initiate desired actions.

Tourmo Operations Insights Datasheet

Make better decisions faster and share more information with our AI-driven platform

Operations Insights will help you capture and leverage all of the data generated by your operations to make better decisions and take action sooner. Surface trends, patterns, and dependencies, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time

Tourmo Unguided Discovery
Unguided Discovery

We use AI-powered fleet operations software to automatically harmonize disjointed datasets and reveal correlations within your data. We present these correlations to surface valuable insights about your operations and give you new ways to improve your business.

  • Multi-Source Data Ingestion
  • Cross Function Data Correlation
  • Trend Learning & Outlier Detection
Tourmo Predictive Insights
Predictive Insights

The correlations uncovered within your operations’ data allow us to identify valuable insights that can predict outcomes. You can then use these insights to improve the outcomes.

  • Predictive Operations
  • Irregularity Detection
Tourmo Population-based Insights
Population-based Insights

Our AI fleet operations software utilizes an advanced method called population-based learning, which decomposes the data from your operations into populations of data points that have the same context. Taking into account the context during comparative analysis leads to unbiased insights.

  • Population-Based Learning
  • Extendable to New Datasets
  • Benchmarking Across all Domains
Tourmo Accurate Insights
Accurate Insights

Our system retains the full history and granularity of your data to train our AI for more accurate predictions. All insights are available for data visualization and further analysis through our included business intelligence (BI) tool.

  • Full Data History
  • Fully Integrated Business Intelligence Suite
  • Measure & Track KPIs
Tourmo Workflow Management
Workflow Management

AI-powered business process management that delivers automation, task management, insights, and transparency across organizations to expose the value from your data and integrate it into your workflows.

  • Workflow Automation
  • System-driven Escalations
  • Alerting & Reporting

We'll work with your existing system.

Our modern open architecture platform is designed to easily integrate with your existing systems and hardware. Our approach allows you to get the most out of your existing investments without requiring the cost, disruption, and delay of having to make more changes.
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