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Unlock the power of video in your operations.

Fully incorporate fleet management video analytics into your operations, and easily find, access, and share the moments that protect your drivers, equipment, and bottom line.

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Tourmo - Video Operations
Leverage existing camera investments

Tourmo - Video Operations
Capture video of predictive, contextualized events

Tourmo - Video Operations 
Ensure operational efficiency with system-driven workflows

Tourmo - Video Operations 
Share video with customers or third parties

Tourmo - Video Operations
Increase system availability with improved camera health data

Tourmo - Video Operations 
Manage by exception

What is the impact of not having video effectively incorporated into your operations?

check-icon  You have a hard time obtaining data from an event, even though you have dash-cams.
check-icon  You have no way of verifying who’s right when a customer and driver disagree.
check-icon  Lack of visibility into complete, end-to-end lifecycle of a scheduled service.

You need to capture the right events at the right times, access and share them with key stakeholders, and use the insights to respond in ways that protect your customers, team, and company.

What can you accomplish with total visibility? 

We have been working with Tourmo for 3 years and with their AI platform we have been able to win 70% of the business of the world largest package delivery company. Tourmo has drastically reduced the number of false positives and the need for manual video review which allowed us to offer a better value – quality and price – to our end customer.

A Tourmo user testimonial from CEO, Large Video Telematics Provider – North America


Video Operations workflows make efficiency possible.

Discover how Tourmo Video Operations workflow can help you increase ROI from existing fleet management video analytics and reduce false positives, technician calls, and manual overhead.

Tourmo Video Operations Datasheet

Improve your visibility, validation, and verification with our AI-driven platforms.

Our automated Video Operations workflows help you fully incorporate video into your operations. We integrate with and improve existing camera systems. We can help you manage multi-camera complexity and custom video triggers with ease. You'll have full visibility into video-enabled workflows that can be specific to your business, plus quick and easy access to all video, and the ability to share it with customers and third parties to protect your drivers, your equipment, and your bottom line.

Tourmo Enhance Existing Cameras
Enhance Existing Cameras

Camera systems can be expensive when you factor in the hardware, installation, and vehicle downtime. Instead of replacing them, we can work with your existing cameras to extend the capabilities so you get the most out of your investment.

  • Accuracy-Boosting Data Reprocessing
  • AI-Powered False Positive Reduction
  • Contextualized Event Evaluation
  • Accurate Camera Health Analysis
  • Partner Service Verification Portal
Tourmo Flexible Automated Workflows
Flexible Automated Workflows

Integrating fleet management video analytics into your operations doesn't have to be difficult. The key is automated workflows that are configurable for how you want to work. Route video enhanced tasks or tasks triggered from video to the right people to take action, and track that action is actually taken. Embed your desired business logic into the workflows. This goes way beyond simple alerts while being easier for your organization to use.

  • Configurable Review and Coaching Workflows
  • System-driven Escalations
  • On-Demand Video Review
  • Camera-Health Maintenance Workflows
Tourmo Countless Video Triggers
Countless Video Triggers

We enable you to add virtually any data source as a trigger to retrieve video segments and feed them into automated workflows so they don’t overwhelm your managers. This powerful capability lets you incorporate fleet management video analytics in ways that are unique to your operations.

  • Auxillary Inputs and Sensors
  • Livestream Video
  • Historical On-Demand Video
  • Service Verification
  • Service Exceptions
Tourmo Flexible Reporting and Rich Analytics
Flexible Reporting and Rich Analytics

The Tourmo platform includes a fully integrated business intelligence suite so you can track your organization's progress toward its goals. Dashboards with fleet management video analytics and key metrics are available at any time, or you can receive an alert when conditions occur or something isn't trending the way you want it to.

  • Fully Integrated Business Intelligence Suite
  • Flexible Dashboards and Reports
  • Measure & Track KPIs
  • Configurable Alerts

We'll work with your existing system.

Our modern open architecture platform is designed to easily integrate with your existing systems and hardware. Our approach allows you to get the most out of your existing investments without requiring the cost, disruption, and delay of having to make more changes.
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Tourmo Video Platform

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