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Mobility Workflow Automation for Your Industry.

The challenge all transportation, fleet, and vehicle-dependent industries face today isn’t getting from point A to point B faster.

It’s getting from point A to point B – smarter.

Tourmo - Challenge of Transportation

Smarter in how you’re using your human and machine resources. Smarter in connecting your resources (internally and externally) in ways to create new efficiencies. Smarter in creating AI-powered intelligent, actionable data that not only shows where you can improve, it thinks for you and provides automated and predictive solutions in real time.

Unique Solutions for Unique Industry Segments.

That’s what all industries have in common. But where each industry is unique is also where we’re unique. Tourmo's open AI-powered mobility platform approach provides industry-leading APIs and SDKs that give each industry an individualized way to connect your unique workforce and workflow tools and services. Connecting people, owned and 3rd-party vehicles, and data more effectively is what can drive your business to new heights. Or new depths if you’re a mining company.

We’re all about making the complex less complicated:

  • Taking the disjointed and seamlessly bringing it all together.
  • Ability to work with existing data, leverage a massive deployed solution (smartphone), or superior TL-AI powered connected devices (e.g., OBD-II device, Video, etc).
  • Creating mobility and logistics data that everyone understands.
  • Providing a new level of transparency for all stakeholders in your logistics ecosystem.

And now… we’re delivering what industries have been crying out for ever since 5,000 different kinds of mobile devices made their way into the market – being completely device agnostic.

Imagine your workforce learning a new solution on the device they already love to use. That creates faster deployment, ease-of-use, and most importantly, gives your people the best tools to do their best work. It also provides you further flexibility to complement existing tools, replace or add on unique capabilities, all without changing your entire workflow.

Find your industry below and click to learn more, and discover how your enterprise can benefit from  Tourmo's AI-powered mobility and workflow platform solution.


Construction and Building Materials Industry

It doesn’t get more heavy-duty in the world of mobility than Tourmo's AI-powered mobility behavior and tracking platform. Built for construction and building materials enterprises, Tourmo's platform knows how to manage your fleet with complete, understandable, and real-time location awareness data.

It’s a platform that’s ready to handle multiple job sites and multiple resources with seamless connectivity and the ultimate transparency.

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Energy/Utilities Industry

In your industry, the special challenges you face are the completely random service disruptions – and your job to unhesitatingly act and call on your utility/ energy fleet management software to get you back on track quickly, safely, and flawlessly.

Tourmo's Platform provides real-time views and access to all of your resources and assets in a single dashboard, packaged together with the kind of workflow and task management tools that serve you best – including the usual location-based services.

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Insurance Industry

We combine state-of-the-art driver behavior analytics with actual claims data to uncover the answers that can empower insurers to reduce costs and retain users – right from the mobile device.

Tourmo's AI-powered mobility platform provides an opportunity to improve pricing and provides value-added benefits from knowing more about a driver’s behavior.

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Oil, Gas, and Mining Industry

Our oil, gas, and mining fleet management platform helps you develop safer driving behaviors, more comprehensive compliance oversight, and increased visibility into your fleet and workforce environments and on a truly global scale. And by global, we mean service in more than 150 countries. Take the steps to minimize risks and be ready for challenges that come your way with a fleet management platform from Tourmo.

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Passenger Transport Industry

We understand how the absolute requirement for your business is safeguarding your passengers, drivers, and assets. Making sure all three are guaranteed the full amount of mobility attention they deserve is where our AI-driven platform delivers.

It provides your Passenger Transit drivers the real-time feedback they need to drive safer and more effectively. You can track your vehicles and analyze performance to improve fleet utilization and operational efficiencies.

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Service Fleets Industry

Our service-focused fleet and field service management tool drives improvements in customer service, as well as the accurate tracking of your drivers, vehicles, and assets. Together in one easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy solution allows the service industry to further streamline operations via more efficient work and task management, optimized assignment and dispatching, and real-time messaging and communication across all participants – like being able to view all of your team members in a single dashboard.

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Transportation and Logistics Industry

The Tourmo Driver Behavior and Fleet Performance Platform can make sure your drivers, fulfillers, assets, and customer freight all reach their destinations on-time and without interruptions – and all while optimizing your operating efficiencies.

With GPS tracking for equipment and vehicles and performance scorecards for your drivers, you’ll create happy, engaged, compliant, and – most importantly – safe drivers.

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Transportation Networks: Peer-to-Peer Ridesharing and Last Mile Industry

Being an industry leader in the peer-to-peer and last mile transportation industries means you must begin thinking about mobility solutions in terms of increasing safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The adoption of Tourmo’s AI-powered mobility platform allows the utilization of existing devices or smartphones to collect key mobility data, giving you insights and real-time information on vehicles and fulfillers who perform jobs and tasks for your company.

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Learn More and Get Started with Tourmo and Start Having It Transform Your Ecosystem of People, Fleets, Partners, and Assets Into a High-Velocity, Insight-Optimized, AI-Powered Performance Network.


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