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Reliable Grey Fleet Management Software

Thinking About Mobility Solutions in Terms of Increased Safety, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction Is Necessary for Peer-To-Peer, Last Mile, and Grey Fleet Transportation Industries.

Tourmo’s AI-powered mobility platform can use existing telematics equipment or smartphones to gather key mobility data, giving you insights and real-time information on vehicles and fulfillers who carry out jobs and tasks for your company — allowing access to what you need at the right time and place.

This means you'll have the ability to select who sees what - controller vs. operator - and be confident that you're informed while your network remains fully compliant. Additionally, Tourmo enables you to manage across several tiers of your overall network and view all of your transport fleets or workforce in a single environment.

AI-Powered is Another Term for Safety-Powered.

Personal vehicles used for business and not owned by the driver's employer are referred to as ‘grey fleets.’ Grey fleets are typically not as thoroughly maintained as third-party fleets, transportation services, and normal enterprise fleets, which must adhere to strict maintenance, compliance, and insurance standards. In recent years, their use has increased among many fleet enterprises.

Peer-to-Peer, Last Mile, or Grey Fleet vehicles can heighten an organization’s risk level and liability. Therefore, they should follow consistent safety policies. The Tourmo platform provides the following benefits that make it easy to manage a safe fleet, regardless of vehicle ownership:

  • Easily monitoring and comparing peer-to-peer, last-mile, and grey fleet expenses vs. company-owned operator vs. benchmarks, etc.
  • For all job-related trips, access to precise arrival and departure information (while on the job) to calculate fleet utilization
  • Ability to distinguish between business and personal mileage
  • Ensures that operations adhere to procedural and compliance standards
  • Efficient fleet management workflows
  • Facilitates accurate reporting/billing – auditable
  • Improved driving behavior and safety levels
  • Reduced risk and liability for an organization

With the use of GPS tracking tools from Tourmo's AI-Powered Mobility Platform, you can track the current location and movements of your partners and fulfillers in real-time. Our dashboards can effortlessly filter the data you need at the right time and get everyone on the same page — or mobile screen.

The Best Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions
Start With a Device-Agnostic Approach.


Tourmo’s mobility platform can manage, secure, and collect normalized, contextualized data from the following devices:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Cameras
  • OBD-II devices
  • OEM vehicle systems

We supply mobility and transportation organizations with advanced grey fleet management software that allows for integrated mobility data management from any device.

Get Complete and Accurate Insight into All Mobility Data
Across Your Enterprise in a Single View.


Tourmo's AI-Powered Mobility Platform

Tourmo provides a single view with actionable insights across all company-owned fleets, employees, 3rd-party vehicles, and fulfillers from multiple lines of businesses and regions.

Gaining better visibility is a crucial first step toward improving your resources and assets' plans, deployments, and real-time readjustments.

Tourmo's implementation is fast and easy, requiring no expensive rip and replace and yielding an ROI of up to 10x in just 2 to 4 months after deployment. Contact us today to learn how Tourmo can help maximize your existing solutions with automated, AI-powered insights.

Tourmo ChallengeCommon Peer-to-Peer, Last Mile, and Grey Fleet Challenges:
Ease-of-Deployment and Use, Reliability, Fair and Accurate Scoring, Improved Communication, and Unknown Costs.

Your company's success depends on your drivers, crews, and equipment being consistently reliable, efficient, and connected. We know fleet managers continuously look for inefficiencies and unusually high operating costs. Tourmo is just as committed as you are to uncovering all the unknowns surrounding your mobile operations.


Tourmo AI-Powered SolutionYour AI-Powered Solution:
From Tourmo.

Tourmo's AI-powered platform takes the manual processes and guesswork out of fleet and workforce management. Our delivery fleet management software will provide your entire workforce and all stakeholders with the visibility needed to run Peer-to-Peer Network/Grey Fleets as efficiently as possible while reducing risk and costs and increasing safety, compliance, and revenue.


Peer-to-Peer, Last Mile, and Grey Fleet Features:

  • Device-agnostic solutions that leverage existing data from multiple devices
  • Deployment of best solutions for each line of business or region
  • Real-time monitoring of job progress and delivery estimates
  • Expedite dispatch, inventory, and assignments
  • Efficient workflows for repetitive processes
  • Gain critical proof-of-service and compliance data
  • Easy to deploy and easy to start up
  • 24/7 location awareness and asset management
  • Improve driver behavior with actionable performance, driver scorecards, and automated coaching feedback
  • Mitigate risks with safer driving
  • Maintenance prevention
  • Increase emergency response
  • In-app messaging
  • Auditable processes

What Peer-to-Peer Mobility Looks Like.
Tourmo's AI-Powered Mobility Platform.


Scoring and Stats Dashboard:
The analytics dashboard will allow you to dive further into the advanced score data calculated on the mobile app.

Driver Views and Routes:
View your trip history and on-duty and off-duty status. You will improve efficiency, dispatch services, and customer satisfaction by using precise route mapping and locations.

Mapping and Fleet View:
Track all driver locations on a map and their on-duty and off-duty statuses throughout the day.

Workflow & Task Management View:
This allows an organization to perform and monitor a process of AI-driven, automated, and defined tasks to boost productivity, cut costs, improve agility, and optimize information flows.


Video View:
The Tourmo AI-powered platform collects recordings based on events of importance to your organization. Video clips are available within our platform, categorized by the journey, driver, and event.

Partner with Tourmo — We Can Make a Difference in Your Company

Recent research published by Enterprise Rent-A-Car revealed that over 54% of Grey Fleet drivers are not routinely performing basic vehicle safety inspections. The dangers associated with operating a vehicle that is not legally safe to drive significantly increase when drivers do not perform these routine inspections.

Tourmo's AI-powered platform enables better oversight and management of grey fleet vehicles, significantly reducing their higher associated risks.

The Tourmo AI-powered platform has more than 600,000 users in 151 countries. Our technology isn’t just cutting-edge; it’s patented in the USA to make it a solution like no other, utilizing AI and Machine Learning to make better driving behavior analysis and decisions virtually automatic.


Contact us today to learn more about how Tourmo can add value and cover gaps in your current grey fleet management software.


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