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Tourmaline Labs Rebrands Company and Product to Tourmo

Tourmaline Labs Rebrands as Tourmo

Sometimes you simply outgrow a name

Effective immediately, Tourmaline Labs will do business as (DBA) Tourmo – a bold new name to represent the company’s bold vision and innovative approach to help its customers achieve big business outcomes.

Tourmo began its work as a laboratory for innovation. Born on Tourmaline Beach in Southern California, the team ran experiments to identify new ways of correlating data and using artificial intelligence to provide automated insights and communicate actions. Tourmo developed an AI-powered platform which is now used by customers around the world to transform their mobile workforce operations.

“As our company and our customer base continues to grow, we felt the need to give it a unique name to reflect who we are and where we are going,” said Marc Brungger, CEO of Tourmo. “We are a modern global product company – not a lab – and we need a name that will be remembered – mnemonics are important.”

Tourmo not only speaks to MOtion and an endless path our company is on, but it also speaks to “OUR” way of thinking. It’s a never-ending journey, a TOUR that takes us to places around the globe and into people’s lives. The two Os provide a great mnemonic device and connect the two wheels subliminally.

While our name is changing, Tourmo’s commitment to customers is not. Tourmo will deliver the same innovative products to help customers optimize their mobile workforce operation. 

About Tourmo

Based in San Diego, CA, Tourmo provides a Mobility Workflow Automation Platform designed for Enterprise organizations with business-critical mobile operations. The AI-powered Tourmo platform provides contextualized business intelligence and real-time workflow decision-making to support the critical network of people, vehicles, customers, and partners these organizations rely on. 

Tourmo’s SaaS solutions generate automated business process workflows that improve the productivity, safety, satisfaction and sustainability of humans and vehicles. 

Unlike telematics and infinite disjointed point products that provide data that must be manually analyzed and actioned through trial and error, Tourmo enables self-service, Automated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning insights to generate and communicate actionable workflows in real-time.


PR Contact:
Neil Anderson, CMO
(818) 268-9478

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