A Starter Guide to Fleet Driver Gamification

This blog will delve into the benefits of driver gamification in fleet operations. We will discuss gamification features that can increase productivity and driver satisfaction.

A Starter Guide to Fleet Driver Gamification

Driver gamification is an increasingly popular tool for improving driver engagement, driver retention, driver and fleet safety, and overall performance stemming from gamification and its inherent competition leading to continuous improvement efforts.

According to recent statistics, more than 83% of employees who receive gamified training are more motivated at work. Further, more than 88% of respondents indicated that gamification makes them happier at work. Both of these statistics lead to happier and more engaged employees.

Understanding that gamification is more than a passing trend that incorporates entertainment elements is essential. It's a tried-and-true method for improving fleet driver safety and a reliable and consistent way to reinforce an enterprise fleet's driver safety initiatives and training programs.

What is Gamification?

"Gamification" refers to using game techniques to improve and encourage user participation and engagement. For example, driver gamification can motivate participation by providing a positive environment incorporating driver performance scoring and intrinsic or extrinsic (or both) rewards systems.

This valuable approach to driver management allows fleet enterprises to create an environment of healthy competition between drivers and commonly includes rewards such as cash prizes. In addition, it can help drivers track their performance levels, create helpful training challenges, and provide consistent feedback that allows drivers to improve their driving in real time. Positively recognizing drivers with certificates or mentions in larger groups also reinforce the desired efforts and lead to a more engaged workforce.

What Are the Benefits of Gamification?

When gamification is combined with an advanced fleet management system, it will typically introduce a scoring system that allows drivers to monitor their performance levels and understand how they perform compared to other drivers. The approach to scoring, itself, also creates personal goals where drivers are creating against themselves. All together, this creates immediate opportunities for drivers to track their own performance against other drivers, or themselves, and encourage healthy competition.

We've included the major benefits of fleet gamification below for further review. The benefits of using Tourmo's Driving Behavior product include the following:

  • Up to 25% fewer accidents
  • Up to 10% reduction in insurance premiums
  • Up to 20% reduction in fuel and maintenance costs
  • Up to 50% increase in driver engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduction in driver churn

Driver Scoring & Performance Tracking

Tourmo AI uses a multi-dimensional scoring approach to help companies quantify driving risk and communicate these risks to improve driver awareness, gain driver buy-in, and quickly correct risky driving behaviors. It is a visual and consistent program, which is key to building credibility and longevity of the program and overall and engagement with it. Every driver receives a scorecard with their individual behavior scores and overall score. And these scorecards inform drivers of their progress from week to week.

Our AI-powered platform combines machine learning with automated workflows to provide drivers immediate access to their contextualized safe driving analysis. Our context-aware AI technology considers many factors, such as location and conditions, to provide a completely fair and unbiased driver analysis. Further, it can process mobility data from any smartphone, tablet, or telematics device. 

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Automated Driver Feedback & Coaching

Improved performance awareness is just one aspect of gamification that helps to reinforce safe driving practices. When a gamification program is combined with an advanced fleet management solution that utilizes automated driver coaching and feedback, like Tourmo AI, it can provide consistent real-time driver feedback and coaching opportunities.

Tourmo AI allows supervisors to maintain complete visibility while our technology delivers automated driver feedback. Drivers are encouraged to improve their driving skills without the need for intervention and to participate in gamification.

Our system enables drivers to identify and address risky driving behaviors quickly. When a driver gamification program becomes a part of a more extensive fleet management system, it is capable of transforming potentially intimidating corrective actions into practical and positive challenges that motivate drivers to perform at their best.  

Keeps Drivers Motivated & Engaged

Gamification effectively encourages drivers to participate in teamwork, healthy competition, and socialization. It frequently, if not always, creates a more positive working environment and gives drivers a sense of belonging and recognition for their effort reinforcing the objectives of the company overall.

When gamification provides driver incentives such as monetary rewards, it can create an even greater sense of accomplishment for fleet drivers. What matters is that your gamification program reinforces safe driving habits and offers incentives that are valued by your operation.

Improves Driver Safety Levels

Driver gamification built on a consistent, clear, and fair scoring program helps to improve fleet driver safety levels. You should use your fleet gamification system to reinforce your overall safety initiatives, such as rewarding safe driving habits such as following speed limits, reducing idle time, and avoiding risky driving habits.

When safety and compliance protocols are consistently reinforced, they have the potential to improve driver safety levels dramatically. Tourmo's Driver Behavior workflows enable drivers to quickly identify and correct risky driving behaviors and allow fleet managers to scale driver safety programs swiftly across any-size fleet, resulting in fewer accidents and lower costs.

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Tourmo’s AI-Powered Fleet Gamification Solutions

The Tourmo AI-powered platform will enable you to implement a consistent driving improvement program and reward participation across all drivers to gain driver buy-in and start immediately reducing the risks of accidents.

Tourmo AI provides complete visibility to supervisors, while our technology provides automated driver feedback. Drivers are encouraged to participate in gamification to improve their driving skills without the need for intervention. When our system detects a pattern of unsafe driving behavior, it will contact a supervisor for assistance.

Tourmo's AI-powered driver gamification program makes it easy for drivers to track their performance levels, address risky driving behavior, and receive positive feedback and rewards for participation, with features such as:

  • Automated driver feedback, coaching, and recognition 
  • Individualized driver risk assessment
  • Driver scorecards and gamification to encourage participation
  • In-Cab driver audio notifications

Tourmo AI — Advanced Driver Gamification Programs

Gamification research consistently shows that it is a reliable and effective way to improve driver performance and engagement. Gamification programs are an excellent way to support an overall driver safety culture, improve working relationships, and reward driver participation.

If you want to improve your current safety initiatives, gamification is a great way to take your current solutions to the next level of performance. If you are looking to enhance insights from your existing telematics provider (without replacement) or if you do not have telematics on your fleet, Tourmo can help. 


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