Major Benefits of Field Service Management Software

This article will provide a high-level overview of field service management software. It will also discuss the major benefits of field service management software for enterprise-level businesses

Major Benefits of Field Service Management Software

The benefits of next-generation field service management solutions are evident in light of new features that include AI-powered technologies. These technologies can unify and interpret data from multiple disparate systems and hardware, optimize communications that keep mobile workers connected in real time with employers and customers, and cloud platforms that enable mobile workers to access critical company data from remote locations.

Overview of Field Service Management Software

Field service management (FSM) is a complex process that involves continuous monitoring and management of company assets, such as equipment and materials, and employees who are required to perform work-related tasks in remote locations. While FSM requirements differ by industry, this process typically entails dispatching mobile workers to multiple sites to provide service.

Mobile workers require specialized support as they perform tasks outside of a physical work location, such as ongoing communication with their employer and customers, access to critical company information, and access to tools that allow them to provide safe and efficient services to customers.

Field service management software can provide a unified platform for businesses to manage multiple processes such as work order management, inventory, dispatch and routing, scheduling, and much more.


Major Benefits of Field Service Management Software

When working in remote locations, mobile workers can face numerous challenges. Even minor disruptions in the workflow can result in significant scheduling issues, communication breakdowns, safety issues, and poor customer and employee experiences.

FSM software helps overcome these challenges by providing mobile workers with valuable information and tools to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively.

The capabilities and features of the best field service management solutions vary. Still, the most important benefits are attributed to their ability to enable a company to lower the costs of providing mobile services while also helping manage company resources.

These major benefits include:

  • Field service technician support: Enables technicians to carry out work-related tasks in off-site locations with the aid of supportive equipment and tools and in accordance with company policies, while maintaining critical safety and compliance standards.
  • Increased productivity and lower costs: High-level visibility and management capabilities enable businesses to increase productivity while reducing resource spend.
  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction: Mobile workers can complete daily tasks more efficiently and with less downtime, thanks to effective workforce management, resulting in significant improvements in customer and employee satisfaction.

We will explore these benefits in further detail below. 

Field Service Technician Support

When mobile workers complete multiple tasks and duties away from a centralized workplace, a cloud-based FSM platform can provide a centralized source of tools and company data that can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location. Further, many solutions that support real-time communication between mobile workers, their employers, and customers can help facilitate task completion and improve job efficiency.

FSM solutions provide users access to company data such as updated inventory records, job status, scheduling, and routing recommendations. In addition to these critical features, advanced FSM solutions can optimize routing and estimate arrival times. When combined with automated workflow management, it can automatically reroute mobile workers when potential disruptions are identified. 

Increased Productivity and Lower Costs

FSM solutions that provide digitized document capabilities, automated scheduling and routing capabilities, service tracking, and real-time communication capabilities can help companies increase productivity while saving time and money. The ability of a solution to enable mobile workers to quickly communicate with staff and customers about appointments, inventory, and billing issues is one of the most crucial features that results in productivity improvements.

Additionally, workforce management capabilities can benefit your company by lowering fuel costs and losses, shortening travel distances, and enabling workers to stay in the field for longer periods without needing to return to a centralized office for more resources and support.

Improved Customer and Employee Satisfaction

The two major goals in field service management that every valuable solution must support are: customer and employee satisfaction. Companies that put less effort into maintaining these relationships may see higher employee churn and lower customer retention. Using a mobile workforce solution that enables real-time communication and management while employees work in various off-site locations is one of the most efficient ways to raise satisfaction levels.

To provide services in accordance with company protocols, mobile workers frequently need access to historical company data, including task management, maintenance data, customer records, scheduling support, safety and compliance data, and updated inventory records.FSM solutions that provide these features and functionalities are known for their ability to help improve job performance and satisfaction levels.

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Tourmo’s Workforce Operations Solution

Tourmo's AI-powered Workforce Operations solution can monitor and verify your workforce operations while providing total visibility to all managers and stakeholders. We understand that many businesses rely on multiple disparate systems and hardware that do not integrate with one another, resulting in siloed data. Tourmo gives customers an integration-ready solution that provides a unified view of the company's assets and resources.

Tourmo's patented software solutions, unlike other solutions, enable managers and other company stakeholders to reduce their reliance on manual labor and human data analysis. Tourmo's AI and machine learning algorithms can change massive amounts of company data into actionable processes, driving daily decisions and increasing awareness in critical areas of company operations.

Further, our platform will allow you to automate your entire mobile operations strategy, track worker progress, and make necessary adjustments while continuously updating your mobile workforce and customers to ensure compliance and satisfaction.

Our Workforce Operations solution can monitor task completion, notify clients when something changes, and take appropriate action using automated workflows. Tourmo makes it easy to identify and manage issues such as client site delays, unplanned stops, route deviations, and out-of-sequence deliveries, with features such as:

  • Fully integrated business intelligence suite
  • Expedite dispatch, inventory, and assignments
  • AI-powered workflow automation
  • On-Site Process Management
  • Worker Readiness Verification
  • Service Visit Monitoring & Verification
  • Automated Progress Updates
  • Activity/Inactivity Monitoring
  • Real-Time ETA

Tourmo AI —Improving Standards in Field Service Management

Companies that manage mobile workforces face significant challenges in attracting and retaining skilled workers, rising operational costs, and managing multiple-point solutions, all of which increase the time and costs required to provide excellent field services.

The key to overcoming these challenges remains in newer technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, which enable businesses to integrate systems and automate their mobile workforce operations to reduce reliance on human oversight while providing the data and tools that mobile workers require when working in the field.

Tourmo can help you take your existing mobile workforce solutions to the next level. Our technology is more than just a tracking and monitoring solution. Tourmo’s AI-powered workflows will enable you to scale workforce training and management, benefit from predictive analytics, and remain competitive in rapidly changing conditions.


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