The Latest Mobile Workforce Trends (2023 Edition)

This article will review the most recent mobile workforce trends that are expected to have a significant and transformative impact on the future of mobile workforce management.

The Latest Mobile Workforce Trends (2023 Edition)

Businesses considering mobile workforce trends for the upcoming year may already have a general idea of what remote environments will require. As in recent years, technology is expected to continue reinventing how mobile workforces are supported across several industries.

A company's ability to keep up with important trends will largely depend on how quickly they respond to the availability of cutting-edge technologies. Due to this reason, it will be essential to understand how mobile workforce operations can be improved and how advanced technologies can be used to gain a competitive edge.

This article will introduce Tourmo AI's workforce management solution and explain how it can boost the performance of your current operations.

What is Mobile Workforce Management?

Mobile workforce management (MVM) across multiple locations requires a high level of oversight and control over a mobile workforce and company resources. It is a continuous management process that frequently involves utilizing technology to provide mobile workers with the tools and information they need to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.

The global mobile workforce management market has enormous growth potential. According to recent research, the global workforce management market will be worth USD 10.46 billion by 2030, growing at a 13.6% CAGR over the assessment period (2020-2030).

There are several workforce management solutions on the market, each with its own set of core features, which typically revolve around scheduling, task management, and optimized communications. The use of appropriate technology has the potential to enable a mobile workforce to perform as efficiently and effectively as they would in a traditional office setting.

Mobile Workforce Trends: What to Expect

With an increase in mobile workers in locations worldwide, the demand for advanced mobile workforce management solutions is expected to rise in the coming years. Understanding newly emerging technologies and their distinct capabilities can help you decide which areas of your mobile operations require optimization and which solutions to implement. 

Many companies needing mobile workforce solutions are still in the early stages of digital transformation. These companies are either digitizing their business models or transitioning away from legacy systems that lack the integration-ready and visibility features and functionalities required to gain full control over their mobile workforce operations.

Advanced technologies, like Tourmo AI, are helping companies optimize their existing solutions while leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, workflow automation, cloud platforms, and optimized communication capabilities to drive prioritization and help companies take their MVM processes to the next level of performance. These mobile workforce trends will be discussed further below. 

Cloud Platforms & Mobile Capabilities

When a mobile workforce is dispersed across multiple locations and the majority of mobile workers have access to a mobile device, you'll want to choose a solution that enables team members to log into a company platform regardless of location and easily communicate with superiors and customers, as well as receive necessary feedback.

Most advancements in mobile workforce management technology have been made possible by cloud-based platforms and mobile connectivity. Companies that want to stay ahead of these trends should implement solutions that include mobile apps, optimized mobile capabilities, and secure cloud-platform access.

These features will help streamline mobile operations management amd enable users to quickly and easily access critical company information, while also supporting the real-time communication needed to ensure that daily tasks are completed on time and in accordance with company standards.

Optimized Routing

In the future, advanced technologies that go beyond simple GPS tracking capability will be required to fully optimize routing processes. The latest mobile workforce trends include the use of AI technology, machine learning, and automation, which supports automatic reassignment and dispatching to new locations while considering contextualized information such as real-time road conditions, weather, and traffic congestion.

It’s important to understand that many traditional mobile workforce solutions are currently capable of route planning, fuel cost estimation, and driver delivery verification, however, they will fall short with exception management and communication of issues. Areas like predictive logistics, analysis of complex route conditions, and incidents that call for rapid rerouting are not addressed with traditional routing systems. This is where utilizing cutting-edge technology powered by AI and machine learning becomes crucial.

Automated Workflows

Automation is not a new trend, but it is expected to continue in the form of automated workflows that guide mobile workers throughout their day. All of the processes that are fundamentally important for mobile workers to follow can be assigned and prompted through the use of automated workflows.

Workflow automation can help eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks associated with mobile workforce management, freeing up employees, managers, and company stakeholders to focus back on higher-priority tasks. Tourmo’s AI-powered platform can be used to monitor whether tasks are being completed according to plan and take action automatically to resolve current or even predicted issues by systematically generating exceptions to the right people at the right time.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics capabilities are enabled by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This technology allows for the extraction of highly accurate insights from collected company data and the automation of those insights back into company workflows. This innovative combination of advanced analytics and automation is likely to be one of the most cutting-edge methods for improving your mobile management processes in the coming years.

Having data is one thing; turning it into actionable and prioritized information, based on your organization's needs, subsequently improving processes and outcomes is another. Unfortunately, many companies lack the resources to sort through mountains of data once they become available. This process represents yet another bottleneck for mobile operations.

Without the use of advanced analytics and automation, the result is that real-time decisions can be made based on incomplete or inaccurate data, and/or delayed information, leaving mobile workers lacking the necessary feedback to perform at their best.

Tourmo AI’s Mobile Workforce Solution

Tourmo's AI-powered Workforce Operations solution can monitor and verify your mobile workforce operations while giving all managers and stakeholders complete visibility. Tourmo will allow you to automate your plan, monitor worker progress, and make changes as needed, all while continuously updating your mobile workforce and consumers to ensure compliance and satisfaction.

Tourmo AI can help general managers and company stakeholders reduce their reliance on manual tasks and human data analysis. Tourmo's artificial intelligence (AI) technology can transform massive amounts of data into actionable processes that can drive daily decisions and raise awareness in critical areas of the company's operations.

Our Workforce Operations solution can track whether work is completed as planned, notify clients when something changes, and take action via automated workflows. Tourmo makes it easy to identify and manage issues like delays at client sites, unplanned stops, route deviations, and out-of-sequence deliveries, with features that include:

  • Accurate event data, normalization, contextualization, and advanced route reasoning to remove inaccuracies
  • Real-time monitoring of job progress and delivery estimates
  • Real-time ETA
  • Automated Progress Updates
  • Activity/Inactivity Monitoring

Tourmo AI — Discover the Best Mobile Workforce Technology

Newly emergent MVM solutions are making it easier to monitor, track, manage, and analyze a mobile workforce as they conduct highly complex tasks and provide services in mobile locations throughout the workday. With the help of the right mobile workforce management solution, businesses can effectively align their company with change and future growth, as well as create the best mobile environments to increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Effective mobile workforce management is known to help boost employee engagement and productivity, create better and safer work environments, and significantly reduce operating costs and waste. If your company is just starting digital transformation or you need to improve your company's mobile process structure, including new requirements for compliance reporting, Tourmo can help. 

Tourmo AI can also help you maximize the value of your existing technology investments and improve how you monitor, verify, and manage your mobile workforce operations, resulting in dramatic increases in efficiency and productivity.


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