Fuel Management System Benefits (+ How to Take Advantage of Them)

The current fuel cost mitigation strategy used by your company can be significantly improved with the use of the right technology. Learn more.

Fuel Management System Benefits (+ How to Take Advantage of Them)

The American Automobile Association (AAA) reported in July 2022, the average national price of diesel in the United States topped $5.40 per gallon. Both businesses and the general public alike have been impacted by the high cost of fuel. Unfortunately, fuel analysts predict that price volatility will continue to be a problem.

Fleet enterprises will need to do everything in their power to maintain a tight budget and reduce expenditures as a result of the peaks in fuel pricing that trend over time. Utilizing an advanced fuel management program can reduce your fleet's fuel consumption, operational expenses, CO2 emissions, and improve driving behavior.

Fuel management system benefits, what they are, and how they’re applied are the major subjects of this blog. We'll also discuss why adopting a fuel management system like Tourmo’s Fuel & CO2 product can significantly improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency.

What is a Fuel Management Program?

A fuel management program improves fleet managers' visibility into company fuel and other associated costs and gives them the tools they need to monitor and control fuel consumption. They enable a company to take control of fuel expenses, which should involve managing driver behavior, vehicle usage, fraud, and even CO2 emissions.

Many fleet enterprises utilize fuel cards and telematics systems or fleet management software to track fuel use. Tourmo's next-generation AI-powered solution, on the other hand, unifies those solutions and brings sophisticated, industry-leading analytics, automated processes and total transparency to daily fleet operations, as well as predictive analytics, to dramatically improve fleet performance.

Why is Fuel Management Important?

In a volatile fuel market where fuel prices are both high and unpredictable, fleet operations have been adversely affected across the board, from delays in vehicle and component replacement and more significant maintenance costs to the challenge of strictly controlling spending. Managing fuel has always been critical for fleet enterprises, but possibly more than ever.

Companies without a comprehensive fuel management system will be at a significant disadvantage because they won't have access to the real-time solutions capable of directing the fast changes needed to reduce fuel costs on a daily basis.

Fleet Management System Benefits 

With Tourmo AI, you can accurately track your fuel costs, monitor and control driver behavior, lower your risk of fuel fraud, and improve fuel economy.

We will provide fleet fuel management systems benefits in greater depth below. However, to get started, we’ve highlighted some of the top benefits of using Tourmo's AI-driven platform to improve fleet fuel efficiency and reporting. These benefits include:

  • Up to 20% improvement in fuel efficiency
  • Up to 40% reduction in effort on environmental reporting
  • Up to 20% reduction in fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduction in manual efforts to reconcile fuel transaction data
  • Eliminate potential fuel theft


Monitor and Improve Fuel Efficiency

Fleet managers need straightforward solutions and tools to monitor and manage fuel costs. A fleet fuel management system, like Tourmo’s Fuel & CO2, can provide you with complete visibility and control over your fleets' real-time fuel usage, driver behavior, and workflow data.

No matter how many fleets, resources, or job locations you need to manage, the immediate connectivity and visibility provided by Tourmo across your entire fleet operations will help you monitor your fleets in real time, leading to significant improvements to your fleet's fuel efficiency.

Reduce Environmental Impact

A fleet management system will be crucial in ensuring that your fleet adheres to emission requirements. Both domestically and internationally, CO2 emissions are subject to strict government regulations. CO2 levels must be continually measured, tracked, and reduced to manage social responsibility and cut expenses.

Thanks to Tourmo's AI-powered platform, a company will always be informed about its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This platform will help you identify inefficient practices, cut costs, and make a positive environmental impact by reducing your CO2 emissions.

Tourmo’s Fuel & CO2 Solution provides the following emissions benefits:

  • Automated coaching for each driver on any behaviors that consume more fuel and produce more CO2
  • Up to 40% reduction in effort on environmental reporting

Reduce Fuel Theft

According to recent reports, fuel theft has dramatically increased along with fuel prices. In fact, "gas (expense) has gone up so much that people are using non-sparking drills and fueling gas tanks from the parking lots." 

For the best fuel management systems, security comes first. Tourmo provides the world’s most advanced fuel theft analysis system, which automatically reconciles fuel transactions and quickly uncovers suspicious activity. 

Tourmo’s AI-powered analytics can uncover irregularities such as:

  • Fuel card movement between vehicles
  • More fuel was purchased than could fit based on the tank capacity
  • Unexpected fuel efficiency changes for a specific vehicle based on its history and driver
  • Discrepancy between the purchased fuel vs the tank level
  • Sudden drops in fuel level
  • Patterns in any of the above by driver
  • Patterns in any of the above by location
  • Vehicle not present

Motivate and Reward Driving Behavior

Even though it may not seem like driving behaviors have a significant impact on fuel efficiency, risky driving habits like excessive idling and quick acceleration are known to raise fuel consumption. Tourmo’s comprehensive driving behavior solution will detect inefficent behaviors and improve them to lower fuel consumption, costs, and CO2 emissions.

Tourmo can process mobility data from any smartphone, tablet, or current telematics device, regardless of the vehicle or the location. It will give you real-time insight into driving behavior, deliver contextualized inefficient driving analysis to fleet drivers, and enable rewarding them for safer, fuel-efficient driving.

Tourmo AI — Fuel Management System Benefits 

Since fuel and fleet costs have increased globally as a result of a confluence of issues, cost management is a fleet manager's top concern. Any improvements made to a fleet enterprise's operations that can currently benefit from being more productive will pay off in the long run.

Tourmo’s AI-powered platform can help monitor your fleet's fuel efficiency, performance levels, and environmental impact. With Tourmo, you can quickly improve your fleet fuel efficiency while your drivers learn to use less fuel from a system that rewards participation.


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