How to Overcome Telematics Challenges with AI Technology

This blog will discuss telematics challenges, the future of the telematics industry, and important trends. We’ll also discuss how advanced AI technology can help overcome them.

How to Overcome Telematics Challenges with AI Technology

Telematics systems have left their mark on the fleet industry, assisting it in overcoming previously insurmountable challenges. What began as a simple technology to improve the monitoring and tracking of a mobile workforce evolved into sophisticated methods of addressing safety concerns and operating more efficiently.

While telematics technology is well-known for helping businesses better manage mobile workforces and assets, it has also introduced new market challenges. This article will cover telematics challenges, the industry's future, and important telematics trends.

We’ll also discuss how advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies can overcome telematics challenges before introducing our patented technology, Tourmo AI, which provides actionable insights, improved cost savings, increased efficiency, and safe driver behavior.

The Future of Telematics Technology

Telematics technology developed from the need for businesses to track and monitor their mobile workforces and vehicle assets. In terms of features and capabilities, this technology is fast evolving, enabling better workforce insights and maintenance of expensive vehicle assets and using predictive analytics to improve maintenance schedules and increase vehicle uptime and performance.

What started with GPS and OBD technology rapidly evolved into next-generation technology, such as advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions that can improve fleet safety and efficiency. Fleet enterprises using rudimentary telematics systems will find these systems are becoming obsolete in the face of fast-moving technological trends, enabling their competitors to operate more efficiently and safely. 

Thanks to newer technologies incorporating AI and ML, fleet enterprises can now predict maintenance requirements considerate of weather and road conditions, address safety risks, and provide real-time coaching. In the future, systems with these advanced capabilities are expected to replace older systems and become the norm in fleet management strategic planning.

With the advent of 5G, telematics, IoT, automation, and AI and ML technologies, the days of “tracking and monitoring” telematics systems that only provide location and historical reporting are expected to become a thing of the past. 

The Most Common Telematics Challenges

While fleet telematics systems have advanced significantly over the last ten years, many of the market's current and leading telematics systems lack essential functionality or have functional gaps. Because of this reason, many fleet enterprises rely on the use of multiple systems, reporting, and tracking features to manage their fleets daily.

Compared to the challenges presented by a single telematics system that requires daily human oversight and intervention, which is time-consuming, managing multiple systems or dashboards to gain visibility and control of an entire fleet becomes quite a complex process. Another challenge telematics systems present originates from the large volumes of telematics data they generate.

Fleet managers frequently need more time to effectively manage these systems, which entails analyzing large amounts of data and acting quickly on notifications and insights. As a result, fleet enterprises can benefit from implementing advanced AI-powered solutions, like Tourmo AI, capable of making accurate predictions and automatically acting in real time to manage fleet performance.

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Time is of the essence in fleet management. Identifying safety incidents from large amounts of data, including hours of video footage, gleaning insights from this data, and using these insights to make real-time decisions can mean the difference between a safety incident occurring and one being completely avoided.

Many fleet enterprises are shifting towards innovative, AI-powered technologies, like Tourmo AI, due to their ability to simplify several time-consuming processes involved in managing telematics systems. These innovations help companies optimize their investments and take standard telematics systems to higher performance levels. Tourmo AI's patented and automated workflows can analyze large amounts of telematics data and automatically act on highly-accurate insights to make necessary changes in fleet operations.

Overcome Telematics Challenges with AI Technologies

As customers demand shorter shipping times, faster rerouting, and increased efficiency and safety, AI-powered technologies are proving to be powerful solutions. This cutting-edge technology can detect dangerous road conditions, optimize routing, identify risky driving behaviors, and predict maintenance and safety concerns using various data sources, including dashcam footage.

As fleet enterprises expand, some, if not all, fleet management and training processes will need to be scaled. In terms of efficiency and safety, when AI technology is combined with automation, it quickly outperforms other standard approaches to training and management that involve human oversight or recording, regardless of fleet size.

Advanced AI technologies enable in-depth knowledge and understanding of vehicle telematics data, driver behavior, safety, and routing. Combined with automation, AI-powered technology can overcome common challenges in fleet management, including managing multiple telematics systems, while reducing or eliminating many time-consuming and repetitive tasks. 

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Tourmo AI — Advanced, Next Generation Solutions

Advanced, next-generation solutions, like Tourmo AI, can provide much more than simple tracking and monitoring capabilities. Our solutions can provide valuable insights across your entire fleet, resulting in more effective, fuel-efficient, and safer fleet operations.

The process starts with our AI-powered platform, which can process telematics data from multiple sources, calibrate this data, and provide automated actions to protect vehicle assets, equipment, customers, and drivers. Tourmo AI helps companies improve their operations through data-driven decisions, prioritizations, and automated response and management of their mobile workforce.

Our technology reveals valuable insights into a company’s vehicle telematics data and automatically incorporates those insights back into fleet operations to make immediate improvements in safety, efficiency, and performance.

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Our patented technology produces measurable results and will assist you in getting the most out of your current fleet telematics systems. Our software is simple to use, highly configurable, and capable of providing a personalized experience to each user/stakeholder to achieve better results. Tourmo can plug into your existing technology with no rip-and-replace involved.

We’ve listed the top benefits of Tourmo AI for further consideration below:

  • Productivity: Self-driven and managed, it enables more on-time deliveries, automates repetitive manual analysis and tasks, and acts automatically on powerful insights, delivering the right information to the right person (at the right time).
  • Safety: Accidents, liability, fuel, maintenance, and wear-and-tear costs are reduced.
  • Satisfaction: Guides and engages employees and provides transparency to end users and customers
  • Sustainability: Produces more fuel-efficient driving behaviors and automates your reporting process to reduce your costs and impact on the environment.

Partner With Tourmo — Advanced Fleet Management Solutions

A true partner should offer you much more than standard telematics technology with monitoring and tracking capabilities. To remain competitive in the future, you will need advanced technology capable of providing in-depth insights about your fleet operations, increased visibility, and actionable tasks capable of managing your fleet on a minute-by-minute basis.

If you're concerned your current system needs to provide you with more oversight and control of your fleet, vehicle assets, equipment, and data, Tourmo can help. Our cutting-edge AI-powered tools can help fleet enterprises increase ROI on existing technologies and immediately improve fleet performance.


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